Wives and moms have a little more free time around here too, thanks to the fresh, healthy breakfast they can get from Kountry Bakery for their kids and husbands.)
Twenty five years later, Kountry Bakery serves over 100,000 customers a year and is known far and wide. When traveling down Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio, travelers tell us they would be in a world of trouble if they were to go home and not bring some goodies from Kountry Bakery with them. To this day, all of the Besetsny children are involved in the day to day operation and success of Kountry Bakery assuring customers of the same quality that Evelynn began in her kitchen.
Kountry Bakery produces award winning pastries that are truly a Texas tradition. Our pies, pastries, kolaches and bread are a labor of love passed on for three generations. Generations to come will have the opportunity to experience the Old World charm of our bakeries and unequaled flavor of our pastries. The next crop of Besetsny Bakers are raisin’ up like good bread in the oven and are learning the same ways their moms and dads learned. Come see us and join the Kountry Bakery family.

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